Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Words

Someone who would describe himself as a long-term viewer of EastEnders, posting on Digital Spy, has said the following:-

This man is EastEnders. Its in his blood. The make up of his DNA is EastEnders. I sincerely hope the rumours he is on a four year contract are true. Diederick Santer did three and a half years so its totally plausible Dominic will stay until 2018 to see out the set rebuild to completion. 

I cannot praise this guy enough. He is the best producer EastEnders have had for over a decade. Maybe even better than John Yorke. 

Thank you Dominic. Thank You!!  I honestly thought EastEnders would never recover from the lasting damage Bryan Kirkwood caused but Dominic is proof anything is possible.

That viewer should realise that EastEnders has been on the run for almost thirty years. As for his assessment of Treadwell-Collins, a man known for papering over cracks with retcons, returning characters and sensationalism, being the best Executive Producer the show has ever had, I have two words for that person:-


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  1. Monalisa AKA Lindafan is causing trouble for you again. She is DMing EE cast and crew on Twitter and telling them you are a troll and a stalker.