Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kirsty, or The Anti-Tanya

There really is a case for people learning how to think critically. If you want to see the mind-numbingly Luddite, you'll become if you don't, look no further than the closing stages of Digital Spy Swampland's latest episode thread.

The Kirsty-haters are out in force, and I'd love to know why?

The ubiquitous EastEnders' rah-rah boy, dan2008, wantonly (pun intended) labels her a trollop.

Er, no.

As far as we know from her backstory, she'd been in a six-year relationship with Carl before meeting and marrying Max Branning, who abandoned her. That doesn't describe a trollop. She may dress a bit risque', but people already on the Square who do (Kat Moon) and who don't (Carol Jackson, Lauren Branning and Yummy Mummy Tanya) have displayed far more sluttish behaviour than she has since arriving.

Yet, she's swiftly relegated to the Slutzone, commonly occupied by Roxy Mitchell (another favourite hate object until recently and labelled a slut with no evidence of promiscuous behaviour) and Dawn Swann, another one who was labelled a slut.

Much of the criticism of Kirsty seems to come from misguided minds who think she took Max away from Tanya. For what it's worth, Max met Kirsty when he was divorced from Tanya, and abandoned her to return to Tanya. In this instance, as she was when she originally met Max and broke up his first marriage, Tanya was the other woman, not Kirsty.

What about Lucy, Lauren and Whitney, who all cheated on each other's friendship with the gormless Joey? What about Alice, who slept with her employer's husband?

And for all those people blaming Kirsty for getting the poor, entitled Branning girls into mordebt, I ask this question:

Where the fuck is Jack?

Because when Max was first arrested, Jack sat at the Branning kitchen table and asked that all bills and legal expenses be shoved his way ... only to forget all about that when Ronnie turned up in Walford and to bugger off, himself, without as much as informing his family when the Ice Queen tired of him.

At least with Kirsty living at the Brannings', they've had food on the table. With Cora in charge, there'd have been rooms full of empty stinking liquor bottles and Patrick drunk on the sofa. Also, as I recall, Cora's not too responsible about paying bills either.

So let's all label Kirsty a slut, forgetting that Saint Tanya was a homewrecker before she was twenty, that she prostituted herself to a mentally fragile man, hoping to land him with her husband's murder, slept with her husband's brother for a year and then within months of leaving Max again, she'd scammed a gormless builder for his money.

But hey ... Tanya had cancer, so she can't be criticised, ne'mind she was a functioning alcoholic. It's much better to label Kirsty the whore.

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  1. dan2008 = what a cock !

    I know for a fact that this arse-bandit was directly responsible for my getting a temp ban, all because I wasn't one of the 'click crowd' & posted something he didn't like.

    I swear he's bought the Moderators off on there as all it takes is he &a couple of his bottom worshipping cronies to take a dislike to another member, pm each other & you're a gonner.

    Screw you dan2008.