Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ronnie Brings Out the Stupidity in People

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Roxy, actually, wasn't dumped at the altar; she realised something about which she'd been in denial for the better part of a year - that Alfie still loved Kat, loved her unconditionally, that she was so much a part of his heart that he could put aside the hurt he caused her and forgive her and take her back. So Roxy told Alfie to go to Kat. As she said, herself, she loved him and she was letting him go.

Of everyone in last night's episode, Roxy stood far above the rest - the thuggish Phil, the bullying Ronnie and the Moons.

Yes, Alfie was wrong to do what he did to Roxy. Jack was wrong to do what he did to Shaorn (and that was Ronnie's fault); and Max was wrong to do what he did to Kirsty.

But what Ronnie did to the Moons weighs far more heavily in the scope of morality than Alfie leaving Roxy at the altar. Had Kat left and Alfie continued with the marriage, Ronnie would have been a constant presence, and she would have been interfering and stirring shit to no end.

Someone whines that Ronnie is trying to "protect" her sister. Her sister is 36 years old and an adult. Roxy's last marriage broke up thanks to ROXY lying to "protect" Ronnie from knowing that Roxy has slept with and got impregnated by Ronnie's boyfriend. Even before she knew about this, Ronnie tried her level best to break Sean and Roxy up.

Ronnie gets a pass for having fucked the Moons up royally by taking their child and making them believe he had died, all in the name of "protecting" her emotionally retarded sister - retarded, thanks to psychopath Ronnie.

There's a reason Roxy keeps getting dumped, and that's Ronnie.

And anyone who thinks what Alfie did to Roxy is far worse than what Ronnie did to the Moons needs to shut the fuck up and learn to think critically.


  1. I'm sure your side kick Jade will do her best ALONG with all her multiple accounts to tell people what an evil bitch Ronnie is


    1. LMAO at YOUR stupidity. You are exactly the type of person to whom I referred in the post. What is it this week? Biffo, Big Gray, Sally, Blossom, Swordofmen, Calvin? Grow the fuck up, Kirsty Wadwell.

    2. At least Emilia doesn't go around harrasing DS posters and threatening their families. What a saddo you are Biffo.Get back under your bridge.

    3. What a freak you are Biffo. The way you have stalked people makes you look more crazy than Ronnie. How about you get a job and a life. Maybe look into seeing a shrink too.

  2. You are the one who needs to think critically, I'm afraid. It's interesting how your favourites (Janine, Sharon, Alfie) can do no wrong. Ronnie's a pretty interesting character to watch and I'm sure as hell not going to change my opinion because of you. Perspective. Get some.

    1. See ... I have this thing about psychopaths. They're pretty unpleasant people, even when they aren't being manipulative bastards and c-words. I didn't like Michael Moon's entitlement, and I sure as hell don't like Ronnie's. In fact, she's a pretty boring and pejorative character who offers the show nothing except a perspective on how dumbass people can acquire the de-sensitised entitlement to behave badly and blame others for their bad behaviour.

      Besides, I don't think the actress is all that brilliant, and I hate the way she's trying to whitewash her 90s past, spent breaking up marriages and other relationships because she couldn't stay out of the bed of whatever leading man with whom she was appearing. She trolled her way through marital break-ups, including her own first marriage and her current one (her current husband left his pregnant wife for her), and she didn't give a rat's arse about whom she hurt. Art imitating her life?

      As for perspective, I can see both sides of the coin on Janine (a bitch who OWNS her behaviour), Sharon (thoroughly trashed by ignorant milennial writers and Simon Ashdown) and Alfie (another character who didn't reach his potential the first time around and was trashed by poor writing/lazy writing/retconning this time).

      Ronnie's never been good. Her sister started out funny, but under this producer, both will regress. Two ageing blonde bimbos, one violent and manipulative, the other clueless. Sad. A bit like you, really, Biffo/Kirstie.

  3. I can't stand Ronnie, I hope she disappears and soon!