Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pretty People Can Be Evil Too

The stupidity of the fangirls creaming their knickers with sadness at Michael Moon's death and blaming Janine for everything is quite amusing.

Please, pay attention.

Steve John Shepherd went to great pains to tell you, himself, bitches. Moon was a psychopath. Psychopaths are narcissistic control freaks who show no empathy. All of them possess an element of weirdness, but many who channel their obsessions into positive forces go to the top of their fields of interest - Pete Sampras, Michael Schumacher, Tiger Woods all have psychopathic tendencies, as well as the late Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and the uncle of the Honourable Rita Simons, Lord Alan Sugar.

The tendency to be a Michael Moon was/is in all of the above.

I agree with the various posters who assert that, had Michael looked more like Derek or Cameron Murray from Emmerdale, people would have been repulsed by his actions and demeanor. Conversely, had Saint Ronnie looked more like Shirley and less like a supermodel, she wouldn't have had all the fangirls clamouring for her return and dreaming up excuses for the horrific crime she committed.

Murder is defined as an unlawful killing with malice aforethought - in other words, intent.

Although Michael fully intended for Janine to die somehow and for Alice to cop the blame, Janine's revenge was to show Michael in breach of his injunction, which would have resulted in him being imprisoned. When Michael decided to take Janine's fate into his own hands (literally), Alice acted instinctively and stabbed him, as the police were knocking at the door. Neither she nor Janine, at the time, knew that Michael was still alive. Janine was wiping her hands on the tea towel when he rose and reached for the knife. He would have killed her. She instinctively reached for the knife, not even having time to drop the towel and killed him ... in self-defense.

Now self-preservation kicks in, and rational thinking regarding Alice's continuous betrayal of Janine's trust. Remember there was absolutely no reason for Alice to betray Janine. Janine had always treated her with kindness and generosity, and how did she betray her? By sleeping with Michael and allowing herself to be manipulated into his dirty little plans.

So Janine's going to allow Alice to think she killed Michael, and well she might have. Until there's an autopsy, we have no way of knowing which wound was, in and of itself, fatal. Anyway, I'm glad if Alice goes to prison for this. It's nothing less than she deserves. 

Anyway, it's not rocket science. It's already been mooted that Janine's departure has nothing to do with Michael's death and Alice's does. In the general scheme of things, Jasmyn Banks was sacked and Charlie Brooks, a stalwart of the programme who portrays a complex and popular legacy character, is (euphemistically) taking a break. At the end of the day, the producers would welcome Janine back with open arms - Alice, not so much.

Thus we have the importance of a Butcher over a Branning or a Moon.

Grow up, ladies. 

Oh, and for the record, Michael Moon was a quirky comic book character, but he was no legend, even though the imaginationless writers tried to ape Den Watts's second death for him. And psychopaths do not commit suicide. They love themselves too much to do so. On the rare occasions where they might commit suicide, it's always an accident, like a control mechanism gone wrong - reference Michael's mother, who used suicide attempts to keep her husband on a short rein.

Nope, Michael wasn't a legend, but EastEnders is certainly losing viewers in dumbing down to accommodate legendary idiots like the vacuous xTonix.

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