Friday, October 25, 2013

Lorraine Newman's Secret Fan

He's one of the biggest slaggers of Newman. He goes out of his way to rant against the woman's tenure. I'm no fan of her and what she's done to the show, but this is the guy who hides behind an anagram of C U Next Tuesday and thinks it's (sniggle sniggle ha-ha) clever and cute.

It's not.

He's one of the most deeply misogynistic passive-aggressive bullyboi members of John Swallow's Bullying Academy known as Walford Web. Don't be fooled about his avatar desire to be the (female) lovechild of Kat Slater and Roxy Mitchell.

I could be wrong, but Wee Willie Wanker Slutter Missable sounds awfully like he's buying into Lorraine's "love and warmth" ... on his terms:-

Good lord, I think I'm dizzy! Is that the most movement we have seen in an episode in for-ever?  

It was a really strong one tonight, with lots of enjoyable parts.  

The Beale family crisis of concience was great.  I love Hetti as Lucy and it's really great to see her take a leadership role in the family.  Dragging Ian out of yet another of his kerfuffles.  Seeing your friend's family sink because of your Dad's lie, albeit under duress would be a tough one.  Yet for Lucy, no problem at all. Family first, Decision made. It was quite Cindy esque I thought. It was a great episode for seeing the whole family at the centre of the drama.  Denise was fab as always and loved Peter's line "So she is being lied to aswell...she really is part of the family" Indeed, I remember Jane being kept in the dark a couple of times over the years.  I love Beale unit now and I do give credit to Lorraine, it is one of the things she has done well. 

We saw two quite strong family units tonight. David's relationship with his grandkids is great to watch.  Liam is becoming a good character, whilst Whitney with good material can be a great character.  Nana Carol completes the set, but even better is B is coming back with a whole new set of characters to join the ranks.  That should be interesting. 

Michael and Alice, just fabulous. It is so great to have a dark storyline on the show and this one is pitch dark.  SJS is just a superb performer and Jasmyn Banks is fortunate she gets to see out her days as part of a big storyline, with two of the best in Michael and Janine.  

I did laugh a little bit at the 1,500 for ALL the cars on the lot.  

Sadie and Jake's marriage, I did pick up on that word "openly" married.  it is an odd choice of phrase, like you would just say married.  It would be really interesting to see a married couple with an open relationship. Indeed, better than the usual one is seeing someone else.  I couldn't think though, which house are they buying on the Square? Great to that she will become more central in the near future. 

Good episode tonight. Quite enjoyable. 

The bit in bold, amongst other obvious things ... I said long ago, when it was first mooted that Michael French was returning, that settling down David with Carol to play Grandad with the kids and promoting him as a paterfamilias of a rainbow brood, complete with newly integrated members, is  a big mistake.

I don't care how old he is, this leopard isn't changing spots. David Beale Wicks is a player, who doesn't do commitment. He's neither a stirrer either, and his tastes in women don't extend to cups of tree with Walford's original slapper granny, who's seen more action than the Blackwall Tunnel.

Wee Willie needs to check out 1990s David, who was sniffing after not only Cindy, but also Sam Mitchell, the David who fears the Mitchells and the David who earnestly tried to apologise to his brother back in 1996 and couldn't meet his gaze when he returned in 2012. Now he's only intent on making childish mischief.

This is nothing more than tripey "love and warmth" - the Butcher/Beale/Jackson/Wicks/Spraggan loveable chav family brigade is being foisted as something straight out of Oliver, and I expect someone to burst into a chorus of "Consider Yourself" when Village Idiot Bianca returns with Baldrick the chatty cabbie in tow.

But, you know, that type of "love and warmth" shit is OK because it concerns Wanker's vision of how a certain family on the Square should behave, when - in point of fact - the entire characterisation of David Beale Wicks this time around has been skewed to the point of absolute irrelevance.

Ne'mind, plebs like Slater-Mitchell, who think nothing of cleverly referring to women as "cunts" and hiding behind an anagram, are the target audience of the shills churning out this tripe at the licence fee payers' expense - and that's another thing the wee Willie doesn't have to worry about either. 

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  1. Don't feed Keith's ego. He will love this! I can't abide that forum any more full of queens and bullies. Donald is the biggest bitch of all, always bitching about other members over PM.

    I completely agree with your views on that place, I hope John puts it out of its misery.