Tuesday, October 15, 2013


So the Honker returns.

Natalie Cassidy, that is - the original Ches-neh, and by that, I mean someone who was natural as a child actor and into early adolescence, but became extremely vapid and annoying when maturing.

Sonia was the first of many totally unrealistic characters, from the moment she decided to bed down with the person responsible for her boyfriend's death. Their low-profile non-wedding followed by her treating barrowboy Martin like a lump of shit whilst she went off to be an "intellectual" nurse and dabble in lipstick lesbianism.

Add to that the absolutely totally unrealistic storyline about how she was able not only to identify the couple who adopted her surprise daughter - adoptions are closed when handled by the local authority - but also to kidnap the kid without facing prosecution, stalk her in the wake of her parents' deaths, worming her way into the life of the child's grandmother, only to get custody of the child upon the woman's death. That's as big an insult to adoptive parents anywhere as much as Ava the Magic Negro is.

Add to all of this that Sonia the Honker is being played by the atrocious Natalie "Just-Doing-This-Now" Cassidy, who's become a parody of herself and who's been revealed through her self-righteous media feud with Denise Van Outen and her totally obnoxious behaviour in Celebrity Big Brother to be not a very nice person.

Rumour has it that, after guest stints during Santer's and Kirkwood's tenures, she worried the piss out of both men for a permanent return, not having set the screens alight with her original departure.

Cassidy won accolades as Sonia and left, after losing an amazing amount of weight and getting the ubiquitous boob job, which only made her look like Nadia, the transsexual housemate from a previous Big Brother. She did a fitness video (which lost money), sat back and waited for the offers to roll in. They didn't.

In the meantime, she started to eat again, got fat, chased Wendy Richard's widower, got involved with a tosser by whom she had a baby and fought with Van Outen, who didn't deign to respond.

Sonia's story arc as finished, but I suppose they are bringing Nurse Piggy back in order to troll the streets in the wake of the departure of the Magic Negro, another Branning Satellite.

Let's not forget that ... the Jackson/Butcher tribe are also tangentially related to the Brannings, and for all of those dumbasses waxing lyrical about a "real" Fowler being brought back to the Square, Sonia is no such thing - and Rebecca, even less. Forget about James Alexandriou returning. He's smart. He applied to and studied direction at RADA. He's above the mire EastEnders has become.

The real question on the lips of all the numpties is this: Who will Sonia fuck?

Remember one of the last images of her was sprawling naked in Phil Mitchell's bed, offering it to him on a plate.

Dominic Treadwell-Collins has made his stamp already on the show - returns of spent characters, retcons of existing characters' backstories and - most likely - some sensationalist storylines along the way. Already one of the fanbullybois on Walford Web is pushing Sonia, Carol and Bianca covering up a murder.

Bitch, please!

EastEnders continues to sink into the mire.


  1. Why do you think anyone at EastEnders will take your comments seriously when all you do is spout nasty bile about their actors and their looks?

    Not that you'll publish this comment anyway. You never dare publish comments in which people actually take you on rather than going in like a bull in a china shop.

    1. You were saying? My blog. My opinion. If it offends your righteous nature, don't read it. Och aye.

    2. But she's absolutely right - I cannot stand Sonya. I don't know many that do like her. She is a VILE character & is the reason why I lost interest in the show - the only ever time.

      I had to mute the volume when she was on & I could bear to watch. This character is very much a reason for me to stop watching the show. I hate her & I'm not ashamed to say that it is the only time I have wanted to punch someone - I'm not a fighting man but I could do time for her.

      VILE & disgusting creature. Obnoxious & a face like a cross between the moon & a moomin.

    3. She's a viewer just like anyone so her comments are as valid as anyone else's. I don't think that she writes this blog hoping that anyone at EE will take her seriously.

      It's quite obvious that TPTB are completely clueless as to what the fans of EE want. That or they just don't give a fuck. Natalie Cassidy as Sonya J/F is repulsive.

      I had high hopes that things would get better with DTC but it seems that things are actually getting worse - with even more worse to come.

      I just can't believe what is happening - I'm actually saddened by what is happening and very fearful for the future of a once great show.

    4. DTC learned his craft under Santer, who got bums on seats short-term by sensationalist storylines and the return of old characters. He initiated the premise that educated professionals are either a danger to society (Stella, May, Yusef) or drips (Ava).

      Danny DIRE is a stunt casting, and they always end in tears (cf: Michelle Collins on Corrie); besides, DIRE is as DIRE does in his craft - shit actor. Sonia reached her arc, and her character had become increasingly annoying. Ask anyone whom they want to see return and the EastEnders 2.0 crowd will say Stacey Slater, whilst long-termers want Grant Mitchell. Ross Kemp will never commit, but Turner will be back in 2015. Mark me.

  2. So not looking forward to the return of Sonia. Something about the actress annoys the crap out of me, and I havent seen her in anything else.
    LIke the idea of her, Bianca and Carol covering up a murder even less than seeing her naked in Phil Mitchells bed.
    EE needs to return to soap justice: you commit or know about a crime, you pay the price.
    Basics is what it needs right now. Good strong stories, and no convenient retconning.


  3. I can't stand Sonia, she's an irritant, and there's no need for her to return. Her storyline was finished long ago. Don't even let me get started on Natalie arsing Cassidy, the hypocritical little fool who thinks she has a right to preach at other working mothers.