Thursday, December 27, 2012

Calm Down ... Alfie Has Not Slept with Roxy. Yet

To all the people on Digital Spy Soaps forum getting your knickers all in a twist and saying and believing that Roxy and Alfie slept together on Christmas night, watch this again, please ... specifically, the part between the 30 and 45 second marks. Clean your ears, shut your mouths and listen up ... (This is how you learn things).

Have you done that? Fine. Now, let's recap. First of all, you probably thought they'd slept together because Roxy was in his bed, in his bedroom, wearing his West Ham shirt. Alfie appears at the door, in his dressing gown and bearing a cup of tea for Roxy.

Don't assume.


Roxy asks Alfie if he slept all right and motions with her hand to an unspecified area outside of the bedroom. Alfie said he did, moves his neck about and makes a joke about the couch being nice and soft.

That wasn't something coy for the children's sake or for Mo's or Jean's benefits.They simply didn't sleep together. The last time Roxy stayed at the Vic, Alfie slept on the couch whilst she and Amy had the big bedroom. Probably the same thing now.

One thing Alfie Moon doesn't do and that is casual sex. He may have thrown his skanky, cheating wife to the gutter where she belongs, but he is still married to her, and he realises this. Does he want to sleep with Roxy? Of course, he does. He wants her comfort and compassion and the shot to his ego she'd give. Part of that masculine ego wants to couple with Roxy in full view of Kat to give her a taste of her own medicine and to show her he's moved on. But, equally, a part of Alfie knows that wouldn't be fair to Roxy. Remember, before Alfie was Kat's lover and husband, he was, first and foremost, her friend - which is what he is now, for Roxy.

Alfie still has the moral high ground here.

Y'all need to pay attention.   

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  1. Thank you. I thought I was the one going mad when I tuned into DS to find so many people saying Roxy and Alfie had slept together - I didn't remember any such thing, or even any hint of any such thing, but assumed it was me who was in error as I am really only a 'casual' viewer compared to some of the self-proclaimed 'experts' on there!

    But I wasn't going mad, I was right. Phew!