Monday, December 31, 2012

Sharon's Memory Lapse

Kudos to all those people picking up on Colin Wyatt's imperfection and shoddy writing tonight, especially as concerns Sharon.

Lorraine Newman may not want to hear it, and because of our singling these things out, she just may be chewing nails and pissing rust; but it's a sad indictment on her writing room and how substandard it is that these people don't even know, much less understand the icon and original character that is Sharon.

Maybe it's time Simon Ashdown pulled his Branning-filled head from his arse and went to work on Sharon - with a little bit of daubing on Bianca as well.

What Sharon's forgotten:-

  • That she and Peggy resolved their differences and parted on good terms:-
13th January 2006:-

(Executive Producer: Kate Harwood, Series Producer: Lorraine Newman)

  • That Dennis Rickman died on New Year's Eve, actually on the stroke of midnight:-
New Year's Eve 2005:-

(Executive Producer: Kate Harwood, Series Producer: Lorraine Newman)

  • Sharon has yet to mention her sister's name, Vicky, or the name of Vicky's mother, her best friend Michelle, both of whom live in Florida where, until "recently" Sharon lived.
  • According to the Daybreak interview shown below, Letitia Dean says Sharon's been back in the UK for four years, which would account for DamienDen's English accent; but  when is this going to be revealed, and if is is, how many will realise that it's yet another retcon? Ian Beale visited Sharon for her fortieth birthday back in 2009, when he returned from Florida bragging about Sharon having a spread as big as Southfork. If she's been in the UK for four years, how could Ian have visited her in 2009?

If Newman, who's a veteran of 20 years with EastEnders is signing off on this cack,what hope is there for the show's credibility?

Where the hell is Tony Jordan?

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  1. I knew that you would comment on this, and I'm in total agreement with you. It is utterly absurd that we are expected to ave such short memories. An insult to all long term viewers, and medium term viewers for that matter. In fact, it is an insult to anyone who knows their EE history. I shouted at the screen when Phil made that absurd comment! We don't all have the memory of a sieve!