Friday, December 28, 2012

The Problem with Sharon

The general consensus of opinion is that Sharon's most recent return has been one epic fail.

Not only do we have an iconic original cast member returning, but the doted daughter of Den Watts and the ex-missus of Grant Mitchell. Forget Dennis Rickman.

Yes, I said it ... forget the pretty boy contrived plot device.

He was small fry to Dirty Den and Grant in Sharon's affections.

The problem with Sharon is simple to identify and even simpler to solve:- Since her return, she's been captured and held hostage in BranningVille on orders of the Lord High Branningista Simon Ashdown.

Many people pointed out that precious few people remain in Walford who knew Sharon the last time she was there - but Phil, her former lover and continuous friend remains, as does Ian, who's been relegated to babysitter.

Sharon would never associate with the likes of the Brannings. Having her sleep with Jack Branning on the night she returned, having her prostitute herself in order for Jack to provide her and her son with accommodation was even more out of character. The old Sharon was a stand-alone strong woman. At the time she moved out of the B and B, she was working for a decent wage, managing the R and R for Phil Mitchell. Instead of renting a flat for herself and her child, she chose to move in and conduct a sexual relationship with a man she hardly knew, expecting him to play daddy with her son, when he won't even look at the various children he's dropped on as many women the world over. She confides in him about her painkiller addiction, he takes the pills from her and seeks to ply her with wine. WTF?

And nothing has been more cringeworthy than watching Sharon beg for the crumbs of friendship from the table of Queen Tanya. The worst bit was watching her swan into the Brannings' front room on Christmas Eve, singing "Going to the Chapel" to Tanya. This is another instantaneous friendship that is patently unbelieveable.

Since her return, Sharon's been used as nothing but a vehicle by which the Brannings are validated and confirmed as a family worthy of Sharon's association. The impending Jack engagement is going to be a joke, and frankly, it's insulting seeing her in constant association with scum like the Brannings.

If she gravitates toward Phil Mitchell, it's only because she's in her comfort zone with him. She used to be a Mitchell, the Mitchells rescued her legacy for her the last time she was hear, and it's Phil she trusts.

If the people in charge, like BranningMan Simon Ashdown and weak willie Lorraine Newman, who's been with the product for 20 years and needs some serious slapping into shape, cannot see the damage they've done thus far - not only to Sharon, but also to other iconic female characters like Kat and Bianca, then perhaps there need to be new people at the helm at EastEnders. 

Bring back Tony Flipping Jordan.

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