Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Marriage Means Monogamy

In the long-running discussion about what we know will eventually happen with Alfie and Kat - i.e., that within a year (at least), they'll be back together - after all, Christmas 2013 will be their tenth wedding anniversary - yet another Luddite appears on Digital Spy with a comment in answer to someone's observation that Alfie erupts in jealousy over Kat's latest infidelity, whilst accepting her having a fling with and getting pregnant by his cousin.

This comment is a gem of ignorance and shows, more than anything, how much of a dumbass this person is regarding the morality surrounding marriage and marital circumstances:-

I think at the time that happened Alfie and Kat weren't together (can't remember if he was in prison or on the lam). Kat had come back to Walford without him and he turned up later (IIRC).

Slightly different circs to now when they are properly together and supposedly monogomous!

This person is called Ber. Well, Ber, when you marry, your vows require that you forsake all others. And, since time out of mind, there have been occasions when circumstances mean that a married couple isn't together. When one is in the military and has to go to war, when one's job takes one half of a couple abroad, and - yes - when one is in prison.

The details of Alfie's and Kat's "separation" are thus: Alfie was framed by the owners of the pub he and Kat managed for arson and went to prison. Prior to that, he and Kat were very much together - in fact, the scam they perpetrated, which angered their employer, was to fund their IVF treatment; so they were trying to start a family. In fact, when Alfie knew he was going to be set up for arrest, he entrusted the scammed money to Kat and sent her to his cousin Michael for her own protection.

That did not mean the couple had separated in any way for marital reasons, and it did not give Kat licence to sleep with Michael. In fact, it was always implied that Michael took advantage of Kat's vulnerability during this period, got her drunk and slept with her for one night. All the shit Kat dished during the Jean-embezzlement crisis of the summer about being in lurrrve with Michael was just abject retconning. Her involvement with him was a drunken one night stand. In fact, she was so appalled at what she'd done that she'd gone by the time he awoke the next morning and had scarpered to Martina.

People who make such assertions like oh-well-X-and-Y-weren't-TOGEVVAH-when-X-cheated-on-Y are just stupid and full of shit and need an education in ethics and morals. 

For the record, anytime anyone sleeps with someone whilst married to someone else, it's wrong. Doesn't matter if you're separated by your own volition, until you're divorced, you're committing adultery. When Tanya kicked Max out after finding out about his cheating with Stacey and proceeded to sleep with Sean Slater, she was just as bad as Max because she hadn't yet divorced him. It brought her right down to his scurvy level.

As far as Kat and Alfie are concerned, there simply are no mitigating circumstances. When Alfie was released from prison, he came looking for his wife, thinking his marriage was and always had been intact. He has and always has had the moral high ground, from day one in his marriage to Kat. 

There were no extenuating circumstances then, and there are none now. There weren't any when she slept with Andy Hunter in order to repay a debt. There was just Kat's stupidity and Kat's amorality.

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