Saturday, December 29, 2012


The Walford Web Kindergartners, who seem to be mostly male, want another playmate to join their ranks.

Liam Butcher now has his very own appreciation thread with various fanbois wanting more and more of Liam.

Let's consider a few things about Liam.

Firstly, Liam is played by James Forde, a plummy-voiced actor who's playing a kid who just turned fourteen, when Forde is three months shy of his seventeenth birthday. It shows.

He's incredibly well-spoken. Kudos to him for not attempting a Cockney accent and ending up like the terminally inarticulate David Witts.

Although he knows how to recite his lines well enough ... he's really not that outstanding a little actor.

Liam, the character, is fourteen. He's even an immature fourteen. There is no way the sixteen year-old Abi or the sixteen-going-on-forty-year-old single mother Lola the Chav or street-suss Jay would countenance Liam hanging out with them.

Liam is working illegally. He is fourteen, and would need a special work permit to work at McKlunkey's even if that is allowed; because he is a child and not allowed to work around machinery of that sort.

Not that it matters, but Liam's mother shouldn't be working for tips as well. You work a job, even as an apprentice - unless it's specifically stated that the job is an unpaid internship, you are entitled to minimum wage. Bianca is Tanya's slave.

I'm one of the vociferous contingent for getting rid of most of the 16-24 year-old contingent. Most of them are played by inexperienced and largely untalented actors, few of the characters offer any positive image as a person, and there are too many of them. We could do with just Jay and Abi. Personally, i think that Bianca and her largely unpleasant bunch of urchin children should bugger off never to return.

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