Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spot the Sexual Chemistry

Here's the clip I wanted to show everyone and, thanks to an astute reader of the blog, she found it for me.

It features Dennis, Sharon and Den. Spot which two characters exude sexual chemistry in this clip, even if it creeps you out to admit it.

Notice how Sharon, even then, was talking down to Dennis, never allowing him an equal part of their relationship. This was more of a mother-and-son act than Jane and Ian Beale ever were.


  1. How can anyone say Shannis was not messed up? Sharon has a maternal side but nothing close to that. Dennis was able to get the love he never got from his mother from her and Sharon was able to mother him. Grant and Phil were nothing as bad as this.

  2. I liked Sharon with Dennis. Sharon did have a maternal side, but she showed that side with Grant too. Was Dennis the love of her life? I like to think so, but obviously if Nigel Harman had stayed with EE then he and Sharon would have split up. Nobody is allowed to live happily ever after. So by killing Dennis off, Shannis fans can tell themselves that those two would have lasted the course. The Mitchells figure strongly in Sharon's history but let's not forget that Sharon chose to abort Grant's baby but is now raising Dennis's. I think that's significant. As for Sharon and Den, yes creepy. Very creepy.

  3. I always preferred Sharon with a Mitchell then Dennis. Shannis got their Romeo and Juliet ending but if he had lived they would not be together now.