Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shirley the Tragic Heroine? My Arse!

Right, Moaning Lisa's latest attempt at getting the viewing public to love Shirley for the awe-inspiring, compassionate and beautiful soul that she is, is to foist her interpretation of Shirley as a "tragic heroine" upon us.

That's right. In Moaning Lisa's shell-like, little cranial cavity, Shirley is a tragic heroine.

She's simply not. Now, whilst it's debatable whether Moaning Lisa actually knows what the timeworn literary phrase "tragic heroine" means, I'll let a better and more astute Digital Spy commentator kitekat1971 explain exactly why Shirley's nothing of the sort:-

 I don't think she's ever been an out and out villain but she's definately not a tragic heroine. That description implies a level of dreadful things happening which were beyond your control. Archie raping Ronnie as a teen was beyond her control. As was being forced to give Amy up for adoption, then being lied to about her death so doubting Danielle and finally seeing her die minutes after getting her back. Miscarrying was beyond her control, as was James' cot death. The only thin Ronnie did that caused her own misery was the baby swap for which she is being punished. Sharon didn't choose to be abandoned by her birth parents or get an alcoholic and a cheat on the fringes of criminal activity as her adoptive parents. She didn't choose to fall in love with a man with a terminal illness who would run into a burning building to save a psycho. Or have 2 nightmares like the mitchell brothers fall for her. Or to be used as a pawn in a gang turf war which resulted in her husband being murdered. Again, the only thing she's sone was be obsessed with the vic, arguably marry Grant knowing he had a temper and then choose to cheat with Phil. Finally not take her antibiotics after her abortion which caused her 'infertility'. 

Nearly all of shirley's problems are down to her own actions. It must jave been dreadful when Jimbo was born ill, that's a horrible twist of fate but she didn't help herself. She didn't even have the decency to realsie that she couldn't cope and get out early. No, she dragged it out, treating Kevin like crap, expecting him to look after an ill child and the 2 bastards she came home with. If her children don't love her it is because of what she did when they were infants and worse when she returned, blackmailing Kevin, forcing him to tell them the truth of their paternity, not showing any care for Jimbo having died and finally putting Phil before justice for Kevin's death. That's not a tragic heroine, it's karma. 
Heather dyng was beyond her control and you could see how broken she was but not doing the right thing (telling the Police everything including Phils involvement immediately) again gave her bacck control and thus killed most of my sympathy.
In a nutshell, all of the "tragedy" heaped upon Shirley has been of her own, willful making. Shirley chose to walk out on a family of three small children, one of them very ill, to relive her youth with Heather. She never even gave the viewing public, or her kids, the real reason for her abandonment. When confronted with it by Carly, the last time Carly appeared, she merely said that James, her olderst (being disabled) was so "needy." That doesn't make her subsequent actions seem very nice at all. The tragedy there was to the children being abandoned, not to Shirley.

Also, in the general scheme of things, Shirley wasn't a very nice person, overall. Heather was supposedly her best friend, but a lot of the time, she treated Heather worse than something she would scrape off the bottom of her show. She bullied and hectored Heather, in a different way, but almost as much as Heather's dire mother did. When Shirley "rescued" Heather from Queenie, it was as much for getting her hands on Heather's money to secure a deposit on the flat as it was out of genuine concern for Heather. The night before Heather died, Shirley forced her to "choose" between her dodgy friendship or Andrew's love.

In the final great injustice, after spending months bellowing for justice for Heather, Shirley's quest all boils down to her obsession for Phil. She wants Phil, and if the only way she can get him is to ply him with drink, she will. If the only way to get him is to force him to live with her under the threat of her shopping him to the police for his part in Heather's death, she'll do that also. Now Shirley's obsession with Phil has more to do with the fact that Sharon has returned to Walford, and Sharon is the love of Phil's life.

Shirley knows this, and jealousy is eating her up.

There was no starker contrast last night than the gentle, supportive and morally strong Sharon giving Phil sustenance and encouragement, as opposed to the bitter, hatchet-faced old crone, framed in cigarette smoke, who just "happened" to have kept the keys to the house from whence she left in high dudgeon.

Shirley isn't even remotely a "tragic heroine" - although she may be a "tragic heroin" as Moaning Lisa inadvertantly described her. She has the potential of being a fatal, mind-numbing drug.

And as a final message to Moaning, who loves to name-drop her tweetings to the rich and famous amongst the current and former production teams at EastEnders: Kath Beedles had no knowledge, feel or intimation about EastEnders and its characters' histories. As kitekat1971, nicely pointed out to you, Beedles's era lasted one year - a year in which she managed to wrest  EastEnders into an almost unrecogniseable situation. But I'm not so nice, so I'll tell you this ... Beedles even answering you onTwitter is her being nice, and her agreeing with whatever point of view you put forth about Phil and Shirley being perfect lovers in a complex way which will see them dying in each others' arms or even Shirley being a tragic heroine, is Beedles being nice to you in the hopes you will STFU and stop badgering her and being a general pain in the arse.

Some people will do anything for a peaceful life or from fear of repercussion.


  1. Moaning is a complete freak. She does not realise when she badgers people they will agree to shut her ugly face up. I get she will never get fucked in real life but does she really have to be so dangerous to other people. The threats she made to you and various people show what a psycho she is. And her crush on Linda Henry is at dangerous levels too.
    And it is really clear she does not watch the show, just see's the bits she wants to see.

  2. Moany Moany scares the hell out of me! I almost feel sorry for Beedles upon reading that last bit. Almost.

  3. Phil should have changed the locks on his door when he finally got rid of the bitch.

  4. Anybody auditioning for a job, whether it be cast or crew, on Eastenders should be thoroughly warned before signing a contract that they aren't just taking a job on a TV show, they're placing themselves at Mona's mercy and opening a doorway for her to force herself into their lives. And once she's there, she ain't going.