Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vald Weighs In On Shirley with Bullshit

At the Wednesday Digital Spy Troll Convention, vaslav37 wonders if Shirley still has a place in the Square, post-Ben, post-Heather and post-Phil.

Various people think her family should be brought onto the Square, giving her a focus and people, other than the Mitchells, with whom to interact - people like her children and Zsa Zsa.

As another poster points out, not only has the Executive Producer poo-poohed any return for Shirley's children or any of her extended family (like Zsa Zsa and the heretofore unseen sister, Tina), she's positively clammed her mouth shut about any future plans for Shirley storylines next year, which can only mean one thing ... Shirley is or will be ...

Of course, the usual trolls beg to disagree, chief amongst them being the Patron Saint of Flying Monkeys, Moaning Lisa. She'd have Shirley stay even if she were killed off, propping her rotting body, clad in her ubiquitous killer boots, on Arthur's bench, its stench of decay, mingled with fag-ash, pervading and polluting the environment.

Because, ya know, Shirley's such a "complicated" character.

But then Moaning Lisa's protector-in-chief, vald

pontificates her official position with an observation that is ... well, just danged wrong.

She thinks Shirley has the makings of a stand-alone character ...

Dot has stood alone without a family most of the time, Pat was without any family for a time as well. Jay, Fats and Poppy have no family. People do live alone without having family within touching distance.

She thinks, as usual, wrong. 

Point by point, if I may:-

Dot has stood alone without a family most of the time, Pat was without any family for a time as well.
First, the years in which Dot "stood alone" without a family, she was a figure of ridicule and scant respect. She was depicted as a gossip, a hypocrite and an appalling mother. It wasn't until Dot got linked with Jim, married him and took on, first his Jackson grandchildren, then Bradley and, finally, his three sons as her stepfamily, that she gained any sort of credence as a matriarchal character. Even when, at June Brown's request and with John Bardon's departure, Dot was distanced from the Brannings and given the characters of her sister and nephew with whom to interact, she regressed to her 80's stereotypical character of religious hypocrite and gossip.

Secondly, Pat was related, by blood or marriage, to most of the Square. Before the Butcher-Jacksons returned, she lived with Kevin Wicks and his family, her nephew - or rather, they lived in her house. Prior to that, she was married to Roy Evans and stepmother to his son. For years before that, she was associated with Frank Butcher and his children. There has rarely been a time when Pat was an isolated character.

Vald is talking bullshit.


Jay, Fats and Poppy have no family.
TPTB chose to allow Jay to remain on the Square, a minor, when his father was killed. In doing this, they slotted him neatly into the Mitchell family. He's changed his surname to Mitchell and lives and works with Phil. He considers himself a Mitchell.

We know Fatboy has parents. We've seen his father, who is separated from his mother. Fatboy is, for all intents and purposes, an adult, who could live independently of his parents. We've met Poppy's sister, and Poppy is also an adult, who - before returning to the Square - had a flat of her own. The very fact that we have seen members of Poppy's and Fatboy's immediate families mean that these characters have the potential of return; besides, Poppy and Fatboy have recently become a couple. One might say that TPTB have neatly tied up two loose ends.

To say these three characters "have no family" is not only dead wrong, it's inordinately stupid; but then, considering the source, that's not surprising.

Finally ...

People do live alone without having family within touching distance.

Not in Walford, which hasn't been like the real world for a long time.

Vald, propagator of a plethora of ...

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  1. Shirley will not be there in 12 months-long gone.Her story arc is already complete and a revenge storyline is so unimaginative.

    Other characters Lorraine barely mentioned was Tyler,Whitney and Ray.I think its generous portions of toast allround but will the toast be covered in Newman spread to top it all off?Ive a gut feeling it aint just cast members who will be eaten for breakfast!