Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another Shipping Forecast: The Evil Kirsty

The latest Tanya-shipper to appear is an Antipodean sage who rants:-

I couldn't give a rats ar** what Tanya has done in the past. It doesn't make Kirsty innocent. It just shows that Tanya has met someone who is more than capable of doing damage! 

One thing I'm sure of...this storyline is not some love story of Kirsty vs Max and to show us how much in love Max is with Kirsty. She'll either end up murdered or she'll end up being the crazy, stalker who needs sectioning. And how do any of us know that she hasn't done something far worse than Tanya. It is rather naive to assume a woman with her past and her ├žonfidence'hasn't done more than a few dodgy things in the past. If she is capable of being as brazen as she hasn't been, how do you know she hasn't destroyed a few marriages and worse than Tanya  We know nothing about her! But the little we do know; she comes across as being more than capable of doing far worse damage than Tanya with little regret 
Simply put, no one's saying Kirsty's a saint, and her very appearance belies the fact that she's probably pulled herself up by the bra staps with little accomodation from anyone else along the way. Kirsty's probably looked out for number one from childhood, having to do so, most likely.

She's certainly no blushing virgin, and she's probably got more than a few notches on her lipstick case. 

As for not knowing anything about Kirsty's past, Tanya didn't even have a backstory until she'd been in the show for six years. She had a hazy, nebulous sister sodden with drink and drugs, and we knew she'd been raised on a sink estate; but we didn't even know whether her mother was alive or dead, until she staggered, smoking, wheezing and pissing herself onto our screens in 2011.

But, Lordy, Kirsty guilty of doing things worse than Tanya and with little regret?

Sunshine, I ask you ... what could possibly be worse than drugging someone and burying them alive? And as for "regret," that entire episode is treated as a joke by the few people who are in on it, yet every time it's mentioned, Tanya shits her skanky knickers.

Pull the other one. It's got bells. 

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