Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Money That "Leased" The Vic

I know there's an inveterate man-hating, Kat-shipping someone on Digital Spy ... (hint)


Got that? OK, just for the record for anyone suffering from memory loss - understandable, considering how retconned this show is becoming, here's the lowdown on "whose" money was used to secure the Vic.

Alfie and Kat managed a pub in Spain owned by a dodgy sort named Frank Finnerty. They were trying for a baby and had infertility problems, which Alfie was led to believe were down to him. In order to fund IVF treatment, Alfie and Kat scammed Finnerty out of £50k. In retaliation, Finnerty had his relatives set fire to the pub he owned, making it look as though Alfie had done this (for insurance purposes). Alfie was arrested and imprisoned. Prior to being caught, Alfie gave Kat the scammed money for safe-keeping and sent her to Michael, who was then living in Spain, where she would be safe.

Whilst there, Michael got her drunk the first evening after she arrived, and they slept together. The next morning when he woke up, she was gone, with the money. When she found out she was pregnant (by Michael), that's when she high-assed it to the UK and was trying to get away, as Finnerty's goons were chasing her.

The money Kat had - the Finnerty money - was money scammed by both her and Alfie. It was, illegally, their money.

Alfie doubled the money on a bet at the bookies, and used that money to secure the lease on the pub. The money borrowed from Michael was the first rent due Phil.

The money was not exclusuvely Kat's. If we want to be purist about this, we could say that Frank Finnerty's leased the Vic.

And in case anyone's in any doubt, the names on the licence bar of the Vic read "Alfred W and Kathleen Moon" as licencees, which is just a tad implausible as both have criminal records.

In case that particular Kat-shipper should doubt it, I would imagine Alfie would be more than generous with Kat financially, and maybe - instead of playing the martyr to the rest of the Square and blaming Derek exclusively for her own fetid misbehaviour, if she owned up to Alfie for her real responsibility in serial infidelity and told him why, offered to get help and asked for his support, after sincerely apologising - not for getting caught in the act, but for breaking his heart and ruining their marriage - there would be a way she could retain her place as licencee and receive her share of the business's profits.

Until she does that, she's fit only for the scrubber's job she's doing. And then some.

Really, this spent and ruined character should have left.

Everybody sing ....

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