Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kabuki Theatre: Moons for the Misbegotten

Digital Spy reports that Katshit is about to stink up Michael Moon's abode (which really belongs to his immensely wealthy wife) by becoming "close" to him.

The fanboi Katshippers at Walford Web kindergarten best corner the market in tissues in order to mask their ejaculatory mess. These people live in the Lalaland of "feisty Kat" equals "strong Kat", forgetting that Kat's a fortysomething slapper who's a serial cheat and who's broken the heart of the man who really loves her.

This is sheer kabuki theatre. More precisely, it's the kabuki dance that's a part of kabuki theatre. Remember the weird advice Michael gave Alfie - the stuff about how he shouldn't turf Kat out because that's the way she was? In other words, if Alfie loved her so much, he should just grin and bear her cheating.

That's rich, coming from the man who was amoral enough to actually sleep with the slut, ne'mind the fact that she was his cousin's wife. He beggars my belief, whitewashing his own morals and at the same time, looking down his nose at Janine wanting Whitney to help with Scarlett.

This is contrived in two ways: it's the redemption of Saint Kat, putting her with the biological father of her son, whilst rearranging events, making it look as though Alfie is in the wrong here (and this is after Alfie subs her the money to set up a market stall); it's also the precursor to the return of Janine, who'll come back to the Square, after leaving at the height of post-natal depression and being passive-aggressively bullied by Michael into believing she was a totally worthless mother,and who'll find Kat ensconced in her house, with her husband and her  baby.

One wonders if Numptie Newman is heralding the return of the old Evil Janine, the grifter on a hamster's wheel, who sought sugar daddies, slept with and blackmailed Ian Beale and was hated and reviled by all? Of course, now that Katshit and Bianca are BFF's, Bianca will be firmly TeamKatshit in her efforts to keep Scarlett from her mother.

This sucks.

I hope Janine reigns triumphant, gets her daughter back, kicks Michael to the real moon and repays Kat by bitchslapping her botoxed face about the Square with impugnity.

Like I said, kabuki dance:-

They could make a good kabuki dance from Janine's bitchslapping vendetta. And let Roxy join in too, please.

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