Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lorraine Newman: Read This and Bloody WEEP!

No, this commentator is not me, but I wish it was. My voice has been effectively silenced on Digital Spy by minions who curry favour from the likes of anyone associated with EastEnders.

But people who have watched the show for a long time now feel cheated and, as licence-fee payers, have the right to complain.

In one brief outburst, the Digital Spy forum member bass55 summarises everything wrong about the show at the moment.

The commentator was prompted by a remark from another astute forum member, Broken Arrow, who hit the nail on the head with this observation:-

I get the feeling they're writing this show for people who have only started watching in the last few years. To them it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference seeing Dot and Sharon's reunion after 7 years. As a long time viewer the continuity errors are making me feel insulted and unappreciated. Anyone else feel the same?

This was in response to a thread started regarding the totally weird non-reaction to Dot's and Sharon's seeing each other for the first time in seven years in last night's episode.

bass55's brilliant assessment:-

 Yep, pretty much sums up how I feel as well. This show is being written by people who have no knowledge of, and no respect for its history. Especially when it comes to Sharon. 
We should have seen Kat's reaction to Sharon returning, but this was completely ignored. Sharon introducing herself to Janine was also ludicrous, they have known each other for over twenty years (Sharon even used to babysit Janine!). There was no mention of Dennis' death during the New Year's day episode. Sharon hasn't even mentioned Vicky or Michelle once since she's been back, let alone Pauline, Kathy, even Angie and Den. And now they're trying to make us believe that Dot wouldn't care that Sharon is back in the Square!
EastEnders did NOT start in 2006 with the arrival of the Branning family. Writers, do your bloody research. It's an insult to all long-term viewers.

See all the bit in red, Lorraine? That's for you; and please pay particular attention to the bold and enlarged bit. This is your major problem, when you employ girl wonders like Lauren Klee and Emer Kenney to write and storyline for major long-term characters. These people employ the mantra of the young today that anything or anyone existing prior to the dates before they were born, simply do not matter. History doesn't exist.

But that's no excuse for you to sign off on this cack, Lorraine. After all, you're supposed to have worked on the show for twenty years. Allegedly, you knew EastEnders.

I doubt this woman will read this, but I hope to hell someone does and it gets shoved in her face.



  1. You have no idea how shocked I am at what is happening to Sharon- I totally agree with everything here. They have completly forgotten her friendship with Ian (except when Denny needs babysitting) and Dot didn't even bat an eyelid seeing Sharon again. Really??? And still no mention of Michelle, Vicki or Pauline...

    I had to rewatch Sharon's 2001 return recently to remind myself of how much I love the character because I'm not feeling anything now. And if the only way to give her decent attention is to make her Sharon Branning... well, I won't be happy.

    Don't get me wrong- I still live the soap. But there are still so many things that need work. For example, is Dexter really needed- I didn't like him much.

    I don't mind Dot's transformation- she is still the same inwardly.

    On another note, is it possible to tone the language down please- it would make this more enjoyable to read. Thanks

    1. "On another note, is it possible to tone the language down please- it would make this more enjoyable to read."

      Sorry. No.

    2. No need to patronise, it was a well-intentioned and valid question

    3. Not patronising. Just answering.

  2. You know whats really pissing me off? TPTB arent listening! They dont care about what their customers think. They turn this tripe out under the name of EastEnders, when its not. Not one of them has come and said "you know what, this is not what the programme was, we are going to fix it". Matt L (the actor who played Antknee Moon) and Leslie Grantham have been the only ones with the dangley bits to stand up publicy and call the programme what it is: tripe. Lorraine Newman and co live in fairy land. I dont know what to do to make them fix it, but something has to happen.

    Professor Plum

  3. She hasnt employed Lauren Klee or Emer Kenny. Its part of their BBC Writers Academy course.

    1. Kenney is listed as a storyliner. And if their taking a damned course to learn to write, they shouldn't be allowed to write for something that is supposed to be the BBC's flagship show. When you're learning to drive a car, they don't let you do a long-haul lorry journey, do they? Buck up.

  4. Eastenders will be over by 2020. The decline in quality since 2002 onwards shows no sign of being rectified. The show is being run by morons putting out a totally amateur product. It's not going to last unless they give it a major, major overhaul - but, sadly, they seem to be quite content wallowing in their below-par standard.