Saturday, January 19, 2013

Phil Just Sees Dexter for What He Is - A Little Cock

Phil Mitchell might be many things, but he is not a murderer and he isn't a racist. So all the people wondering if the reason Phil told Lola she could "do better" than Dexter had nothing to do with his skin colour.

Just think about who Lola is - not the fact that she's the mother of a Mitchell baby or remotely related to the clan, but who she really is. She is a sixteen year-old, mouthy chav with no education, no prospects and an anger management problem. She's also horny for a babydaddy. She doesn't think half the time - baby has a nappy rash, don't go to the doctor, nick some expensive creme from the person who employs your "responsible adult." She's run out of nappies and had to use tea towels, then spreading adult beauty creme on Lexi and was surprised when the kid got a rash. She's still a kid, herself, and would willingly leave the baby behind for some good times.

She doesn't accept authority and, by that attitude, wouldn't prove a good enough authority figure for a child.

Phil has every right to be concerned about her care of Lexi. For everyone bleating on about Lola being a good mother, we simply cannot say that. You speak about someone being a good parent, when you see the end result, and the child is grown enough to render such an estimation possible - when he's made it through school and got a job without getting into any serious trouble. Lola can't stay out of trouble, herself; and the entire storyline has been constructed with a view to getting people sympathetic with Lola, who - face it - was one of the most unsympathetic young people in the show.

Lola used sex as a bartering tool, she simply didn't care as long as she got what she wanted. When she got pregnant, the only reason she went ahead with the pregnancy was the fact that she would have received benefits.

What she really wants now is a babydaddy, and Jay isn't interested. But she needn't think that just because Dexter the Cock is easy about Lola having a baby means that he likes babies or would want to settle down and play house with her. Lola having a baby would tell the Little Cock that she'd probably be up for some bonking - lots of teenaged single mums on their own are lonely, with little or no familial support. Show her a little kindness, and she's anybody's. Easy.

Phil has sussed him up in one take. He's out for what he can get, rather than playing happy families, and when he tires of Lola or when she gets up the duff again, he'll be off.

Phil's reaction had a lot to do with the way he sees Lola - as someone feckless and irresponsible. She should be showing everyone how well she's behaving herself- getting the trainee job at the Salon was a start. But pallin' around with a Little Cock, who's a walking advertisement for an ASBO, isn't smart.

And it has nothing to do with race ... 

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