Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tanya's ASSets (Pun Intended)

For the record, consider this:-

Jack owns the house where Max and Tanya live. Jack bought the house when he was playing sugardaddy to Tanya back in 2008, the year they spent humiliating Max. Jack still owned the house when Max moved back in. 

Jack still owned the house when Tanya walked out on Max, after he went tits-up financially. (Notice: Tanya never left Max whenever he'd been caught cheating, even taking him back after Stax; but she couldn't bolt out that door quck enough when he lost all his money and went bankrupt).

Jack still owned the house when Vanessa and Max became an item and Vanessa moved in. The furniture was all furniture Max and Tanya had bought when they were a couple.

Jack still owned the house, when Tanya made Greg buy Roxy's house on the Square and furnished it from top to bottom in garish mauve designs and furniture.

Jack still owned the house when Greg found out about Tanya's deception, kicked her ass out and sold the house over her head to Janine. He was well within his rights, having been married less than a year, to foreclose on the Salon he bought for her, after she had committed what should have been a major crime of robbing Roxy blind of equipment and clients.

Jack still owned the house when he kicked Vanessa out and moved Tanya in with the kids.

Jack still owned the house when Max returned and settled back to family life.

Jack still owns the house even though Tanya and Max are an unmarried couple living together. They have no binding or contractual agreement. In fact, for the better part of the year, whilst Tanya was waiting for her divorce to become final with Greg, they were actually living in an adulterous relationship. When they split, no one owes anyone anything because there is no binding agreement. The only thing Max will be obliged to pay is maintenance for Oscar. Whatever belongs to Max in that house, whatever he's bought with his money, is his. Everything else is Tanya's.

At the end of the day, Tanya is not Max's wife.

As for the house that Jack owns but didn't build, he could quite reasonably kick the pair of them out, considering he's attempting to recreate a readymade family of his own, conveniently forgetting his babymammas and various children abroad.

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