Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Never let it be said that I don't level praise where it's due, even if I'm not particularly fond of the person who's made a salient point.

People who read this blog know I'm not a fan of the Walford Web commentator Jark. At best, he's a diva drama queen with one of the narrowest minds I've yet to encounter in a young person. At worst, he's one of the most virulent bullies in the kindergarten. 

However, he nailed it perfectly this week, when he refused to buy the bullshit being peddled by Lorraine Newman in that sycophantic interview posted on Digital Spy. Whilst all the rest of the kindergarten class were snowed under by Newman's bullshit - including, I have to say, WalfordE20, who's usually more perspicacious - Jark called it for what it was:-

That interview doesn't fill me with confidence. I wanted to hear that there would be more focus on big stories that get people talking, but the impression I got is that she's quite happy with the state of the show as it is and we'll be getting more of the same into 2013. She mentions that the perception of the show is that it's gloomy and depressing, but anyone saying that obviously hasn't watched in a while - if anything there's too much emphasis on comedy filler in place of gripping drama. Oh well, we'll see how things play out. I just wish she'd communicated a clearer vision for the show. 
Nicely put and to the point. He goes on to reiterate further ...

 The only upcoming drama she really talks about is the storylines we're already seeing which will be coming to a climax at Christmas. The rest is just the same vague hints we get in every producer interview ("more female friendships", "expanding the Beales", etc). I don't think I've misinterpreted it, and I don't expect her to rubbish the show, just acknowledge what needs to be done to bring it back to its best. But she doesn't. 

Jark is part of the age demographic to whom Newman is pathetically pandering, and yet, he as good as implies that she's insulting his intelligence. Good. More Jarks should call out Ms Newman's wilfull deceptions. After all, their parents do pay her substantial salary.

And honourable mention to Philaphobic Den for his apt cynicism:-

I'm looking forward to Max's storyline simply because Jake Wood can make even very simple things (like getting pissed last night) highly compelling and very entertaining.

As for the rest I will take it with a pinch of salt.

Oh and Ian Beale not being treated as an afterthought and the Beale family extended? Yeah right, when have I heard that before?
And accompanied by a picture which sums up the opinion of everyone with more than half a braincell who's watched the programme any reasonable length of time ...


  1. With a bit of luck the BBC restructuring will trickle down to EastEnders and they'll finally address the fact it's being run into the ground by a bunch of self satisfied incompetent idiots. A bit like the populace of Walford Web.

  2. They all go on about how awful your blog is and they never read it anymore, yet each and everytime they know exactly what you have written. Keep making these blogs please.

    1. Don't worry. I will. People assume I hate EastEnders. I don't. Well, at the moment I do, but it was formerly a never-miss programme, until some incompetents took it over.

      John Yorke appointed Lorraine Newman Series Producer. She remained in that position for TWELVE YEARS. Does that tell you she'd hit her ceiling? The fact that she had it within her remit to speak out against the resurrection of Den, Kidneygate, Tanya and Lauren trying to kill Max and the show becoming The Stacy and Ronnie Show tells me that she played safe and doesn't make waves.

      She's doing the same thing now.

      Simon Fucking I-Love-the-Brannings Ashdown is running the thing.

  3. Please continue to write your blog reviews. I may not comment on every one but rest assured I and many others read each and every single blog you write.

    I would concur that Simon Ashdown is running the show. I think that's been the case for quite a while now.