Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Walford Pity Party

For Zainab, Syed, Kat,Whitney, Tanya, Lauren, Bianca and all the poor victims of Walford (with Jack soon to be added to the list) ...

Phil is so playing Jack, and Jack deserves it. What's more, Sharon can't help buzzing around Phil. Steve McFadden and Letitia Dean have so much on-screen chemistry (as well as being good friends in real life), Sharon's soliloquy sealed it, because when she spoke, she spoke from the heart and the inclusion of Phil in her reference to "we" being parents, wasn't scripted. It was totally natural and unintended, and Phil's genuine smile at the end of it, exchanged with Sharon, spoke volumes.

There was even a bit of foreshadowing later on, when the social worker remarked to Jack that he thought Sharon and Phil were "well-suited." Kudos to the director tonight, for the final Jack-Sharon-Phil scene, which saw Phil and Sharon toasting their success, in the unfocused foreground, whilst Jack simmers jealously in the background.

I don't feel at all sorry for Jack. Who can feel sorry for sawdust?

Poor, poor, pitiful Jack.

Obviously, there's a reasoning behind Phil's fostering of Lexie. It would probably be easier to move onto adoption from there, rather than legal residency. Where this leaves Lola is anyone's guess, but I'm reckoning that Phil might try to fob her off with money. The fact that she and Billy were buying various things for Phil's house and charging them to Phil wasn't lost on him - especially Lola's remark that neither she nor Billy could afford to pay for such things. And Lola's ordering Phil about wouldn't be lost on him either.

She has yet to learn of what Phil is capable.

Poor, poor, pitiful Lola.

I would like to know how Zainab is able just to show up, after having been kicked out by Masood, Then she expects everything to slot right back into place and all to be forgotten - as if what happened was just a minor blip. I think it's good that Masood and Tamwar see her exactly for what she is now - self-centred, bullying, and self-obsessed. The only person about whom she concerns herself is Syed. Masood proved, once again, that 'twas ever thus with Zainab. 

She thought she would wear Masood down with her sweet, little apology, complete with sad, puppy-dog eyes, casting herself as the victim (yet again), but all Masood had to do was mention Syed's name, and she was the mother of concern about what had happened to him whilst she was away. 

Tamwar, on the other hand, could barely hide his disgust, and the scene he shared with Syed was rich with home truths, even before Tamwar had even opened his mouth. Syed's first reaction to the news that Zainab was back was to ask if she'd said anything about him. (No, Syed, it's not always about you). He even made himself the victim, yet again, when he told Tamwar about Christian's visit, and the only reason he could think of for Christian staying was to tell him that Yasmin missed him. This reinforced a brilliant reaction from Tamwar - that Syed and Zainab really should live together, because - like Zainab - Syed is totally self-absorbed and never thinks before he opens his mouth.

Just like so many others of their ilk in the Square, Zainab and Syed have the innate ability to make every occurrence all about themselves - once again, as Tamwar pointed out when Zainab made her solemn declaration not to interfere, bully, nag, criticize and judge. Tamwar was sceptical, AJ laughed outright, and Masood was the picture of cynicism.

It's just so sad that they are on course to be the Square's latest yo-yo couple.

A song for Mas and Syed (and Tanya and Max) ...

Now for the superfluous scene ... the one between Syed and Kat at the nursery, a place where we've never seen either of these people before, much less they've never even spoken to each other before. It was as incongruous as that scene after Ben had confessed to killing Heather, when Syed and Billy were having a conversation in the cafe, and they'd never spoken before.

The truth is, anyone - apart from his family, Amira, Christian and Roxy - with whom Syed interacts is going to come as a shock for viewers because Syed interacted with far fewer other characters than anyone. 

There had to be a purpose to this scene, and it was twofold: Syed suddenly realises that, even though being a parent is a bit imprisoning, it's a pleasant prison where he'd gladly stay - a statement that would have been profound and poignant, considering the final scene of the episode, where Amira informs him that she'd getting married, moving to Birmingham and wants  her daughter back, thank-you-very-much, to be a family with her new husband; but we all know that, of late, Syed's barely batted an eyelid at Yasmin. Apart from the initial blip when Christian wanted to party and Syed wanted to babysit, most of the hands-on caring for Yasmin has been done by Christian. Syed was too concerned with hiding his financial deceptions and cosying up with Danny to pay much attention to Yasmin; and when the noose tightened, he was all to ready, not only to run out on Christian, but also his daughter. So if TPTB were going for poignancy there, it didn't work.

Kat's part in that scene was far more sinister, if her look at Syed's assessment of parenthood was anything to go by. Syed - so he said - enjoyed being entrapped with Yasmin. Kat finds being a mother a bore, which is probably why Tommy is so much on edge at night and at other times. Bitch.

Kim, again, was supefluous and not funny. She has a fridge that doesn't work. Why doesn't she just buy a refrigerator? She got the bulk of Zainab's money with which to rebuild and refurbish the B and B and she didn't buy a completely new fridge? Who the hell are these people?

Please, EastEnders, don't try to insult our intelligence.

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  1. Sharon and Phil are the next power couple.