Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thank You Kate from Walford Web Kindergarten

... for putting the Cora situation so succinctly ...

I like the character and I am looking forward to the Ava storyline but I don't see Cora as the next matriarch of the square, far from it, she is barely the matriarch of her own family. She is mostly rude, hypocritical and cold and apart from Lola and her own family (barely) she has not show much maternal warmth. I think Cora is very much like Peggy. A leading lady, a battleaxe but not a matriarch.

If anyone is to grow into the next matriarch of EastEnders it will be Sharon who is a natural successor to the likes of Pat, Pauline and Lou but in her own Sharon way (a lot of camp ;) ) 
This sums Cora up so completely and with adequate reference to Peggy, although Peggy - like Pauline - was a brilliant matriarch for her own family, unlike Cora.

And to answer that increasingly annoying Antipodean TWIT King Pin of Walford, mixed race children and storylines have been part and parcel of the British soap scene for years - especially in EastEnders and previously in the now-defunct Brookside.

In the latter, Mick Johnson's second wife was mixed race, as was his nephew Leon. In EastEnders we had Billie Jackson and Morgan Jackson-King-Butcher-Dixon. Libby Fox was mixed race.

The fact that so many people today are totally ignorant of the fact of how shameful it was for an unmarried girl to get pregnant, much less to get pregnant by anyone who wasn't from her racial dynamic, forty-odd years ago, isn't surprising, since most of today's youth possess KPOW (KiPOW)'s tunnel vision attitude that life began at the moment of their birth and will stop once they draw their final breath.

But it was.

It might interest that one brain-celled twit that EastEnders has tackled the long-lost child returning after an adoption tale many times before: Kathy Beale's daughter, Donna Ludlow (who was conceived when Kathy was raped as a teenager); Lou Beale's daughter Maggie (who was adopted by an Irish family and raised in Ireland); and more recently, Danielle, Ronnie's daughter. This is much the same old same old, only with a mixed race slant in order that the ineffectual numpty pretending to be the Executive Producer can expand the Branning brand into a multi-racial unit and give that old lag Cora some sort of purpose now both her daughters won't be around anymore and she's failed to bond with her grandchildren. 

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