Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grant and Dennis

With apologies to Shannis fans, here's a compilation of scenes leading up to the reveal of Chrissie as Den's murderer.

Try looking at this objectively, and you might observe the following:-

  • Dennis was weak. More than that, Sharon knew he was weak. She also knew that she was emotionally and intellectually stronger than Dennis, and this is why she always sought to protect him, mainly from himself. Therefore, more than anything, this "love of her life" - at least on her part - was quasi-maternal. At times, she even used that silly sort of baby language she uses with Denny all the time.
  • Dennis was, essentially, afraid of Grant - especially after the first time Grant bested him and handed him his ass. He was also jealous of both the Mitchells and of their history with Sharon.
  • The Mitchell bruvs - both of them - knew Sharon far better than Dennis knew her. And Dennis knew that. It frustrated him.
  • Jonnie Allen knew the Mitchells better than Dennis. He knew their history with Sharon and was able to prey on Dennis's insecurities (just like Den did when he spooked him about Dennis engaging in a sexual relationship with his "sister.")
  • Even Dennis was cognizant of the chemistry between Sharon and the Mitchells, especially Grant.
  • Dennis was immature. He sulked like a spoiled schoolboy over the fact that Sharon believed the Mitchells about Chrissie over Dennis's earlier claims and that she allied herself with them so readily ... that she trusted them. She certainly didn't trust Dennis, which was, ultimately, why Dennis ended up dead, indirectly.


  1. Agreed. Fans of Sharon and Dennis can look back with fondness because he was killed off at their peak, leaving the pairing with the whole tragic romance element. The three/four months we actually got of them as an official couple would have undoubtedly led to what Syed/Christian have become if they'd been around more long-term.

  2. Many Shannis fans try to diminsh what Sharon's connections to the Mitchell brothers were. Most of them probably starting watch 2001 or later so were not around for the huge impact Sharon had on these two men's lives. Had Grant been around longer Sharon would have ended up going back to him, that much was obvious. The look in her eyes when she saw Grant was a joy to behold. She was the love of their lives and deep down in her heart they are the love of her's. Sharon and Phil are simmering along nicely, time to through Grant in the mix.